Brother of the Week

Fall 2020 (Coming Soon...)

Spring 2020


Amy Bollt

Amy is a graduating junior, and this is her sixth semester in APO! She is a disabilities advocate and spends her summers working at timberpointe and Easterseals affiliated overnight special needs camp. Amy is planning on continuing her studies in graduate school this fall! In her free time, she loves to hike, write, and bake. Amy also makes a killer cup of coffee


Shaniah Duff

Shaniah is a senior history education major at ISU! She will graduate next fall after student teaching. She's been in APO since Spring of 2018 and held three positions including VP of Leadership, Recruitment Chair, and Relay for Life Chair. Shaniah is also very excited to have been elected as a voting delegate for our chapter this semester! Her favorite things are travel, classic rock, movies, hiking, the outdoors, dogs, cats, community service, old people, vintage stuff, Tame Impala, and vinyl.


Alex Poulosky

Alex is a freshman pledge. He's from Urbana, Illinois. Alex has 3 siblings. He enjoys Netflix and gaming.


Taylor Delaney


Gabe Long


Melissa Pollina

Melissa is a junior studying bio education. She transferred to ISU this spring and joined APO as a way to get involved on campus & meet new people! Melissa loves being outside, especially hiking & going to the beach. Her favorite Netflix show is Dexter, and she is currently rewatching it for the third time!


Jamiya Scott

Jamiya is the first Pledge of the Week this semester! She is a sophomore sociology major, with a minor in French. She is from the west side of Chicago. Jamiya loves iced coffee and roller skaing. She can be a very loud and outgoing person at times. She has a passion for helping people and making a change in the world. Jamiya's mom had the biggest influence on her life. The best advice she has ever heard that she follows everyday is "Be the person that you want to see."


Kelsey Janesku

Kelsey is a senior nursing major. She has a twin sister, Mikey, who is also in APO. SHe's been in APO for six semesters. Her mom and Mikey had to most influence on her growing up because they were aways together. The best adivce Kelsey has ever heard is "Don't give up." Some past positions Kelsey has had in APO are formal chair, VP of service. She is most proud of her grades.


Samantha Londak- Treasurer and Fundraising Chair

Sam is a junior Accounting major. She is also on the Cross Country Club team. In her free time, Sam can be found running or bouldering. Sam's mom had the biggest impact on her life. The best advice Sam has ever heard is "Just do it".


John DiBrizzi- Pledge Trainer

John is a junior Finance major. He pledged APO in the spring of 2018. He plays golf, volleyball, and the piano. He enjoys music and traveling. John's older sister had the biggest influence on him growing up. The best advice he's ever heard was "Carpe diem (seize the day)". John wanted to become Pledge Trainer because he thought it was a good starting point when moving up the exec ladder. Fellowship or service chairs may be in his future. His favorite APO memory is Relay For Life.