Alpha Phi Omega teaches its members through the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. Within the Leadership pillar, we try to transform our members from followers to leaders, sometimes without even being aware of the development. The Fraternity has several programs to help brothers to become better leader.


At the completion of the APO LEADS series of courses you will have a set of transferable skills that are applicable to the work world and to other potential leadership positions. Learn more about APO LEADS here.

Leadership Positions

Alpha Phi Omega has many opportunities to lead within our fraternity.

  • You may be elected or appointed to serve as part our Executive Board
  • You may be elected to represent our chapter at Section, Region, or National Conventions.
  • Volunteer for the fraternity at the National level and help create programming for all chapters, nationwide.

Bonding with Brothers

Learn more about yourself and your brothers through various leadership building events. Our Vice President of Leadership plans events with their committee to further develop leadership skills within our brothers.

APO Impact

APO Impact is a series of webinars across many different topics. The topics can apply to many different aspects of your life, APO or not. These are great ways to increase the impact you make on the fraternity and others in your life. Alumni from all over the nation host these on a weekly basis.