Why would I change to Associate Status?

Have a tough semester ahead? Taking more than the max amount of credits? Working an internship or you picked up another job? That’s okay, there is a way that you can still be involved in APO. Become an associate!

Being an associate means that you are still active in the fraternity. However, you are only responsible for half of the requirements. Dues are are also lessened.


  • 1 Ceremony (Either Pledge Ceremony or Initiation)
  • 11 Service hours (5.5 internal)
  • Either 1 leadership or 1 fellowship point
  • $35 in total dues


You can only go associate one time! Save this privilege for when you need it.

At the beginning of the semester the President will announce when they require associate letters in. The person who wishes to go associate then will be required to write a letter to the executive board highlighting their reasons for going associate.

What do I need to do to become an Associate?

Fill out the form below. In your letter, explain why you the executive board should consider your request to change your membership status.

Details to include:

  • Primary Reason (Job, internship, high credit hour amount, etc.)
  • Credit hours for the semester
  • What is your favorite aspect of Alpha Phi Omega?