Our cardinal principles.

Alpha Phi Omega is built on our three cardinal principles - Leadership, Fellowship, and Service. These principles guide our chapter to best serve the community, campus, fraternity, and nation.

Spring 2020 Executive Board


We strive to build leaders within our chapter, and we do this is in many different ways. As a chapter, we provide programming and events for brothers to learn more about themselves and improve as leaders. The National Fraternity also provides a complex Leadership development program to build leaders all around the nation. Click here to learn more about Leadership in Alpha Phi Omega.


One of the most important aspects of our fraternity is making bonds within our brotherhood! Alpha Phi Omega Theta Epsilon holds a variety of events to build friendships with a diverse group of people where connections can be made in a fun and friendly environment! Click here to learn more about Fellowship in Alpha Phi Omega.

Brothers cooking dinner at Ronald McDonald House


Alpha Phi Omega Theta Epsilon's service program provides opportunities to develop awareness of social issues and build friendship and leadership skills and provide strong direct service through a variety of community partners! Click here to learn more about Service in Alpha Phi Omega.

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