Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Epsilon

Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Epsilon is a National Co-ed Service Fraternity dedicated to Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. Throughout your pledge experience, you will grow as a leader and become more involved in your community, while making life-long friends.

(Mandatory) TUESDAY, September 14th, 9:00pm: Pledge Ceremony in Bone Student Center, Old Main Room
Wear Business Casual & bring $40 for RSO cost - If unable to attend this event, reach out to let us know!

Email to learn more or ask any questions!

Joining requires no interview process. If you'd like to join, we have optional informational nights along with fun events that celebrate who we are with the chance to get to know you. APO is cheaper than most social fraternities and sororoties. With APO, you get the experience of growth as a leader, the opportunity to give back to your community, and the chance to hang out with so many new people! All you have to do is attend our pledge ceremony at the start of either fall or spring semester to begin your APO journey!

Your APO experience starts here!

Interested in becoming a member of our brotherhood?

First Meeting: Monday, September 13th 8:00pm

Induction Ceremony: September 14th 9:00 pm, $40

Fast and forever friends are made in Alpha Phi Omega!

Next Up, the Pledging Process:

Throughout the pledge program, you will learn the values and requirements of APO that will make you a successful active. After being inducted into the fraternity, you will join other pledges and current members to form pledge families. Your family will guide you through the 8 week process, while your pledge trainers teach you the goals and history of APO. Service, Leadership and Fellowship events will occur throughout the semester to help complete your requirements.

Overview of Pledging Period:

8 weeks of pledging & learning about APO! (Including weekly meetings Tuesday 8pm-9pm)
Pledging Period Requirements: 16 service hours, 3 fellowship points, 3 leadership points, 3 chapter meetings
Initiation Ceremony: November 9th, $35

End Goal - Initiation into the brotherhood:

Following initiation, you will become an active member of Alpha Phi Omega Theta Epsilon. Going forward, you will contribute to your community and fellow brothers to enhance your experience at ISU. Check out the LFS page to learn more about what you'll participate in on a weekly basis!

After initiation, the remaining requirements for the semester include:
6 service hours, 1 fellowship point, 1 leadership point

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us!